Monday, April 18, 2011

Benefits of Avocado Consumption

Fruit of the Central American origins of this, it saves tremendous benefits, as well as the taste is delicious.

Most people consume avocado flesh by taking a ripe, soft and fat, to make juice or ice mixed.

Actually, not just flesh that can be used, but the leaves and seeds was also efficacious.

Here are the benefits of avocados:

Avocado leaves is useful for treating various diseases, namely: renal stone disease, and
Hypertension / high blood

How to consume the avocado leaves as a remedy:

Kidney stone disease: Seven pieces of avocado leaves, brewed with 1 / 2 cups hot water. Drink each day morning and afternoon.
Hypertension / High Blood Pressure: Three pieces of avocado leaves brewed with 1 cup hot water. After a cold drink sekaligus.Diminum every afternoon.

Avocados useful to treat or prevent various diseases, namely:

According to research from the University of Shizuoka in Japan, nutritious avocado to prevent liver damage, including to prevent liver damage from viral hepatitis.
Treating Thrush: ripe avocado blend until a puree, add 2 tablespoons of pure honey, stirring until blended and then eaten. Do it every day until cured.
Preventing dry and scaly facial skin: the ripe avocado blend until it becomes mush.Then, are used to mask the face, in a way put on the face evenly. Wait 5 to 10 minutes, until a layer of dry mask. Then wash your face with warm water.
Avocado seeds also can be used to reduce the swelling caused by inflammation, and treat diabetes / diabetes.
To reduce the swelling: Powder from avocado seeds, plus a little water until it becomes dough like mush, then apply a body gets swollen.
To treat diabetes mellitus: Avocado Seeds roasted over a fire, cut into small pieces, then boiled with water until the water turns brown. Once filtered, the water decoction of the above results, it can be drunk directly.

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